Ismael Martinez begins a music career on SoundCloud

SoundCloud has been a platform for underground music artists to display work from their bedroom to the world for over a decade. Senior Ismael Martinez is no exception, putting out original songs since June 2019.  Martinez published one of his earliest singles titled “Tweaking Out of Reality” on SoundCloud on Sep. 27, 2019. The single… Continue reading Ismael Martinez begins a music career on SoundCloud

Backlash against homelessness crisis grows in Bay Area

“Refugee camps in Syria are cleaner than this,” Oakland property developer Gene Gorelik said in an interview with the New York Times at an Oakland fast-food restaurant that overlooks a homeless encampment.  Homelessness has continuously been a crisis in California and has risen significantly in certain cities. For example, San Jose experienced a 42 percent… Continue reading Backlash against homelessness crisis grows in Bay Area

Opinion: We need more than ID card hotlines

You may have noticed a change to your new ID card: a list of crisis hotlines. California Senate Bill No. 972, approved in Sept. 2018, requires all public, private and charter schools of grades 7 to 12, as well as institutions of higher education, to print the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, the Crisis Text Line… Continue reading Opinion: We need more than ID card hotlines

Opinion: We cannot scroll past tragedy

At least once a year, a tragic event prompts teachers to give students a serious, emotional talk. In my sophomore year, when the Parkland school shooting and a San Marin student’s death happened, a couple of my teachers would talk about it in the beginning of class, and would then move on to actual classwork.… Continue reading Opinion: We cannot scroll past tragedy

New superintendent sets priorities

When Superintendent Kris Cosca walked into his first teaching job in an impoverished community, he realized that his students required more from him than a lesson plan.  “Those students needed to trust me,” Cosca said. “They needed to respect me. They needed to know that I cared for them. And until they knew those things,… Continue reading New superintendent sets priorities

Foreign exchange students reflect on their experiences

In August 2018, foreign exchange students Silvia Castellucci and Miguel Riederer began their year-long journey as students at San Marin. Castellucci is from Sarsina, Italy, a small village nestled in the province of ForlìCesena. She wanted to take this opportunity to travel more and to explore outside of her town, especially after hearing about the… Continue reading Foreign exchange students reflect on their experiences

San Marin struggles with perceptions of identity

On March 31, members of the New York City branch of Antifa identified San Marin alumnus Matthew Warner as a member of the white supremacist organization Identity Evropa, now known as the “American Identity Movement,” after left-wing group Unicorn Riot leaked over 700,000 group messages and members’ identities to the public. Warner graduated from San… Continue reading San Marin struggles with perceptions of identity

Survey reveals racial gap on campus

In January, almost 85 percent of San Marin students completed the Youth Truth Survey for the second year in a row. This online survey obtains student ratings in a variety of categories in order to gain a better understanding of students’ experiences on campus. The six categories ranked included Engagement, Academic Rigor, Relationships, Belonging &… Continue reading Survey reveals racial gap on campus

Students and staff reflect on racism awareness walkout

On April 4, junior Perla Rodriguez held a walkout after a student used racial slurs against one of their peers, telling them to “go back to Mexico.” Rodriguez wanted to use the walkout as a way to express her concerns and raise awareness about racism on campus. “I just hope San Marin as a whole begins to slowly but surely understand that the ethnic group is outnumbered, but… Continue reading Students and staff reflect on racism awareness walkout

Junior Tobey Reyes sings her way to fame

In 2006, when the Disney Channel movie High School Musical aired on television for the first time, four-year-old Tobey Reyes watched the singers and dancers in awe. High School Musical was no longer just a movie to her, it had become her dream to fulfill a life similar to those in the movie.   During… Continue reading Junior Tobey Reyes sings her way to fame