’Stang Gang Survey

VARSITY TEAM CAPTAINS “What’s your team’s super power? What’s your team’s favorite song?” Cross country: Jackson Hilton, Nick Brandis, Bella DeRuvo, Paige Chassman Team super power: average speed Favorite song: “Sally Up” Boys waterpolo: Hayden Shaffer, Wilson Perry Team super power: Caleb Favorite song: “Sweet Caroline” Girls golf: Summer Lake Team super power: positivity Favorite… Continue reading ’Stang Gang Survey

Justine Beales

Editor-in-Chief Justine Beales is a senior, Editor-in-Chief and a member of the website team. Her hobbies include reading and being dramatic. If she could live anywhere in the world, she isn't sure where she would go, but she wants to travel as much as she can. Her strangest fear is buoys.

Whitburn leaves after 48 years at San Marin

By: Zoe Null and Tobey Reyes Student, English teacher, coach and friend Mark Whitburn has been the longest standing member of the San Marin community. Whitburn has been at the school for 48 out of the last 49 years since San Marin opened. Whitburn attended San Marin when it opened in 1968. During his five… Continue reading Whitburn leaves after 48 years at San Marin

Student Write-In: Former Hornet offers a new perspective

By Anthony Macias When I first arrived at San Marin High School at the beginning of my junior year, I didn’t know what to expect. As a former Novato High School Hornet, I was both nervous and optimistic about becoming a Mustang. Yet after meeting the staff, getting acquainted with old friends from middle school,… Continue reading Student Write-In: Former Hornet offers a new perspective

Movie Review: Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie is considered classic literature, but literature it should stay. From the minute the movie starts the pace is slow and uneventful. About halfway through, the movie increased to insane speed, to the point of barely understanding what is happening. There is a point midway through the movie… Continue reading Movie Review: Murder on the Orient Express