Board approves plan for new student center

Earlier this month, the Board of Trustees voted to move forward with the construction of a new performing arts center on campus. The Board approved a recommendation that the district build a new student center in the place of the existing Emily Gates Student Center. The move came after a school site committee found that… Continue reading Board approves plan for new student center

Opinion: The United States needs to enact gun control laws

On Valentine's Day, a notification lit up my phone during my first period chemistry class announcing one of the deadliest school shootings in recent history. I am ashamed that I paid no attention to the news— I turned off my phone and went back to work, because after mass shootings started occurring on almost a… Continue reading Opinion: The United States needs to enact gun control laws

Administration makes plans for new courses

Assistant Principal Mike Casper and Principal Mark Sims have been finalizing plans for a new public service course pathway at San Marin. The public service pathway aims to promote and prepare students for jobs in public service. The hope is that, if the courses are successfully completed, the students will get college credits going towards… Continue reading Administration makes plans for new courses

CyberPatriot team secures top spot

In early November, San Marin’s Cyber Patriots team partook in their first qualifying match this year. The Cyber Patriots team competes in an annual national competition sponsored by the Air Force Association. In this competition, the members of the club are given a virtual machine (VM) and a scenario describing the setting in which the… Continue reading CyberPatriot team secures top spot

New courses provide more options to students

Algebra II Plus combines the Algebra II and Precalculus curricula and enables those who take it to progress directly from Geometry to AP Calculus. “Algebra II Plus is designed to get students through Algebra II and Precalculus in one year, which is a difficult prospect,” said Mr. David Blair, who teaches Algebra II Plus. “But,… Continue reading New courses provide more options to students