We will recover: A message to the class of 2020

By Vivian Bui & Elise Jonas-DelsonDear class of 2020, Who would have predicted that the world would crash into shambles during what many would argue is one of the most sentimental times of our lives? We were robbed of the limited time we had left with our friends, our much-anticipated prom, senior fashion show, final… Continue reading We will recover: A message to the class of 2020

Ismael Martinez begins a music career on SoundCloud

SoundCloud has been a platform for underground music artists to display work from their bedroom to the world for over a decade. Senior Ismael Martinez is no exception, putting out original songs since June 2019.  Martinez published one of his earliest singles titled “Tweaking Out of Reality” on SoundCloud on Sep. 27, 2019. The single… Continue reading Ismael Martinez begins a music career on SoundCloud

New clubs express specific passions

Amidst the laid out plastic top tables, blaring heat, Jamba Juice and sign up sheets, there was a commotion of students from all grade levels scouting for the most interesting-looking club tables to head towards. The club fair presented roughly 30 clubs this year from pre-existing to new and different ones.  In addition to existing… Continue reading New clubs express specific passions

Teacher turnover rates experience increase

With a total of 69 teachers lost due to retirement and resignation, NUSD lost 15 percent of its staff within the 2018 school year. San Marin alone has lost a total of 23 teachers within the past four years.  In addition to retirement, teachers can resign for a multitude of reasons, from challenges faced by… Continue reading Teacher turnover rates experience increase

Elementary School Size Committee addresses enrollment decline

On October 22, 2018, the Elementary School Size Committee held its first meeting to assess the situation regarding the district’s elementary school sizes. Due to the decrease of enrollment in elementary schools in the past five years, the committee has goals to determine “if the District’s elementary school sizes are ‘ideal’ fiscally and educationally”, according… Continue reading Elementary School Size Committee addresses enrollment decline

Humans of San Marin: January 30, 2019

"At my old school I was president of Teens Against Discrimination Club. We were at a Catholic school and because of the religious affiliation, they couldn't have a Gay-Straight Alliance. That was something we saw a need for on campus, because people were still saying stuff like 'that's so gay' or 'fag.' So we thought… Continue reading Humans of San Marin: January 30, 2019

NUSD Reconstructs Restorative Justice Program

The Restorative Justice Program, a program helping students resolve on-campus conflicts, undergoes a change in oversight Novato Unified School District acquired oversight of the Restorative Justice program at Novato middle and high schools as control was shifted from the YMCA to NUSD. NUSD accepted responsibility for the program, adding it to their grant proposal. The… Continue reading NUSD Reconstructs Restorative Justice Program

Opinion: Educational pressures limit my passions

For as long as I can remember, I've been a 4.0 student, overachiever and school-obsessed maniac. In middle school, I always imagined a life for myself that either involved being a full-time student or pursuing some type of academic career. Until now, I have never considered dropping out of school. The problem is not that… Continue reading Opinion: Educational pressures limit my passions