Opinion: Reliving my childhood through Disney movies

Ever since I was young, I have wanted my life to feel like a movie. My childhood was stitched with vignettes of classic Disney scenes, catchy choruses from Disney soundtracks, and iconic characters that felt like close friends of mine. The polished and perfect life that was subconsciously painted before my eyes was all because… Continue reading Opinion: Reliving my childhood through Disney movies

Tobey’s Thread Talk

The early 2000s skater boy style has circled its way back and is heavily influencing trends of 2019. Signature for its colorful graphics, straight leg jeans, and well-loved sneakers, junior Zane Walas captures this aesthetic effortlessly. Here, Walas is sporting a ‘Krooked Skateboarding’ graphic tee along with classic Levi jeans he doodled on in class.… Continue reading Tobey’s Thread Talk

Global Glimpse offers opportunities to students

Traveling to a brand new destination alone can seem like a daunting process for young adults. However, the nonprofit organization, Global Glimpse, alters the perspectives of high school students through an international traveling experience which immerses them into different cultures. Through this program, young adults take on various leadership skills, as well as understanding the… Continue reading Global Glimpse offers opportunities to students

Opinion: Success and happiness are achieved differently

Four years. 1,460 days. 35,040 hours utilized to uncover our purpose. We are told that we find ourselves in high school, that we will leave this place with a clear conception of who we’re supposed to be for the rest of our lives. At the age of 16, I must discover the reason behind why… Continue reading Opinion: Success and happiness are achieved differently

Musical theatre performs adaptation of Urinetown

Ever heard of having to pay a fee to go pee? This is not a new concept for the residents of the town where the fall musical takes place. The music department is putting on their adaptation of the show Urinetown. In the show, citizens are required to use public restrooms and pay to use… Continue reading Musical theatre performs adaptation of Urinetown