Exchange students share their backgrounds

Over the summer, Vilde Rogeberg from Oslo, Norway, Guilherme Sieves from Rio do Sul, Brazil, and Giulia Sarra from Schleumen, Switzerland left their homes and flew thousands of miles to join San Marin students for the 2019- 2020 school year. Rogeberg and Sieves are seniors, while Sarra is a junior. While the students all had… Continue reading Exchange students share their backgrounds

Opinion: Students should work toward reducing harmful stereotypes

No matter the year or the people, premature opinions of any grade will always be widespread around campus. These stereotypes can range from the sports that people are most likely to play, to the grades they earn, or the things that students find humorous. At the back-to-school rally, the other classes, including the sophomores who… Continue reading Opinion: Students should work toward reducing harmful stereotypes

Female scientists and engineers address gender stereotypes

On March 27, a Women In Stem and Engineering seminar featured three women who have had or currently have careers in various STEM fields. These women included Danielle Tan, a technical scientist in translational biology for BioMarin; Roxanne Croze, a scientist II at 4D Molecular Therapeutics; and Adrienne Buell Beccera, a former strategy data analytics… Continue reading Female scientists and engineers address gender stereotypes

Grade requirements to join clubs not enforced

California Department of Education policy states that students need a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be on track to graduate in order to participate in school sports and all other extracurricular and co-curricular activities. However, most students are not aware of this and many clubs at San Marin do not enforce this rule. This policy has been implemented into all San Marin sports, and the average… Continue reading Grade requirements to join clubs not enforced

School locker shortage raises concerns

Locker distribution at San Marin has been a longstanding problem that does not seem to be solved. This year, with a large freshman class and an increasing number of broken lockers, these issues are more prominent than before. Attendance Technician Jeanie Olian shared statistics on the number of lockers compared to students. “There’s still about… Continue reading School locker shortage raises concerns

San Marin considers awarding “academic letters”

Principal Mark Sims is exploring the idea of an “academic letter” program for students in response to parent input. Members of the PTSA expressed interest in recognizing students’ academic achievements in an equivalent manner to athletic achievements. The “academic letter” would resemble the block letter patch that student-athletes receive after meeting certain standards in their… Continue reading San Marin considers awarding “academic letters”