Student Write-In: Netflix* recommendations

*All films on this list are included with a Netflix subscription or are available for rent on Amazon, Vudu, YouTube, Google Play and iTunes. By: Ethan Fonarev One of the greatest challenges that we face in our modern world is choosing what to watch on Netflix. With the spread of coronavirus, this struggle has never… Continue reading Student Write-In: Netflix* recommendations

Student Write-In: Youtubers project a lifestyle that objectifies women

  By Marijke Pieters-Kwiers As I stayed up late one night on YouTube, a video popped up in my feed: A Jay Alvarrez video to be specific. I’d heard of him and seen a few clips of his ostentatious and extravagant lifestyle on YouTube, and many would know him as the Instagram-famous boyfriend of Alexis… Continue reading Student Write-In: Youtubers project a lifestyle that objectifies women

Survey reveals critical student opinion of SM

By: Jenna Clark In January, students participated in the Youth Truth Student Survey, allowing them to report their opinions on the academic and social aspects of San Marin compared to ratings from students at 443 other high schools across the country. Students ranked San Marin in the first percentile, the lowest score possible, for academic… Continue reading Survey reveals critical student opinion of SM

Girls Basketball struggles to draw a crowd as large as boys

By Jenna Clark The varsity girls basketball team is working on ways to bring a bigger crowd to their games. For MCAL games, the girls team plays before the boys, and there is typically a much larger student and parent section at the boys game. Varsity girls basketball coach and math teacher David Blair offered his… Continue reading Girls Basketball struggles to draw a crowd as large as boys

Head to Head: Kneeling during the national anthem

Spencer Shifs: Kneeling can be seen as disrespectful to the flag, but I don't believe it to be disrespectful to the troops. Our military fights for our freedom including the freedom to kneel for the anthem. The message the players are sending is a good one because it is about police brutality against African Americans… Continue reading Head to Head: Kneeling during the national anthem

Opinion: Dress code oversexualizes women’s bodies

By: Jenna Clark The San Marin administration’s enforcement of the dress code sexualizes women’s bodies by restricting what they wear so as not to “distract” other students. The dress code is also very vague, keeping clothing up to interpretation by individual. The dress code needs to be changed and made more clear so students aren’t… Continue reading Opinion: Dress code oversexualizes women’s bodies

Dr. Mark Sims brings change as new principal

By Jenna Clark “Coaching is about doing your best to put people in the right places to be successful, so if you’re coaching a team, you’re trying to put people in a place where their strengths are always being enhanced,” new principal Dr. Mark Sims said. “The same thing works in teaching and learning --… Continue reading Dr. Mark Sims brings change as new principal

Students, staff discuss campus bullying

For many students at San Marin, the definition of a normal school day is going to classes, listening to lectures, eating lunch with their friends, and relishing when they finally get to go home. However, that isn’t true for everyone. For some, their day at school begins and ends with someone posting an offensive message… Continue reading Students, staff discuss campus bullying