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Australia bushfires incite reaction from students

Australia is currently experiencing one of its worst fire seasons in history. Since fires initially broke out before the start of Australia’s summer season this year, more than 17.9 million acres of land have burned, with fires now ranging nationwide. The effects of the bush fires have been declared devastating, affecting not only people and homes, but animal life as

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School renovates learning lounge

San Marin’s Learning Lounge has recently undergone new renovations, which include new seating arrangements with couches, tables and flat screen televisions.  Administration hopes these additions will attract more students to the library and supply them with a comfortable place to complete work or relax. The Learning Lounge provides a space for students to get work done before school, after school

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Students criticize Homecoming dance changes

San Marin students complained that the DJ’s choice of music and time-consuming security resulted in a less than memorable night for them. Sophomore Bella Goodwin attended both San Marin and Novato High School’s Homecoming as well and preferred it to San Marin’s. “I don’t know what exactly made [Novato’s Homecoming] better,” Goodwin said. “Maybe it was the fact that they

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