AP test format changes in response to shelter-in-place restrictions

Every May, students are packed inside of a gym, classroom or cafeteria to take a test for hours. However, this year students will be sitting in their homes, in front of a computer screen for 45 minutes. On Mar. 23, 2020, the College Board sent out an update through email in regards to the changes… Continue reading AP test format changes in response to shelter-in-place restrictions

STEM teacher Nick Williams hosts podcast

“Welcome to Teach ‘Em Up. The podcast of teaching and learning,” STEM teacher Nick Williams says as he greets his listeners on his podcast.  Williams created a podcast through which he explores teaching and learning methods with teachers and administrators on campus. Teach ‘Em Up has been streaming for two weeks but Williams has been… Continue reading STEM teacher Nick Williams hosts podcast

Anti-vaping peer group emerges on campus

With Walmart banning Juuls in September and 1080 proven illnesses and 15 reported deaths linked to vaping across 18 states according to the Center for Disease Control, the effects of vaping are now widely known. In addition, during the 2018-19 school year, vice principal Mike Casper processed 20-30 cases of smoking and drug paraphernalia on… Continue reading Anti-vaping peer group emerges on campus

Junior Lauren Hartley acts on the big stage

From May 19 through June9, Cushing Memorial Theatre is hosting performances of “Grease” with junior Lauren Hartley as a member of the cast. The Cushing Memorial Theatre atop of Mount Tamalpais has been a part of the Marin community since 1913. People from all over the Bay Area have come to see the shows performed… Continue reading Junior Lauren Hartley acts on the big stage

Sophomore Elizabeth DeRuvo assists the community

It was a cold and stormy night when sophomore Elizabeth DeRuvo first envisioned her organization, Operation Warm Winter. The idea came to DeRuvo when she was six years old. She realized that during cold nights, the homeless had nowhere safe and dry to go. DeRuvo asked her mother where they go to sleep and her… Continue reading Sophomore Elizabeth DeRuvo assists the community

Junior Tobey Reyes sings her way to fame

In 2006, when the Disney Channel movie High School Musical aired on television for the first time, four-year-old Tobey Reyes watched the singers and dancers in awe. High School Musical was no longer just a movie to her, it had become her dream to fulfill a life similar to those in the movie.   During… Continue reading Junior Tobey Reyes sings her way to fame

Administration hopes to clarify vaping policy

By Pricila Flores and Zoe Null Look in any remotely secluded place on campus and the $22 billion vaping industry’s effect on San Marin becomes apparent. The continuous wave of illegal usage at San Marin has posed a new problem for the administration. Currently there is no board policy specific to vaping, leading students to… Continue reading Administration hopes to clarify vaping policy

Student wrestlers share their experiences

   When it comes to wrestling, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is WWE, the American media and world wrestling entertainment company. While the breaking of chairs and ladders over people’s heads fascinates audiences, that is not the reality for San Marin’s wrestling team. Wrestling is not a sport in which a… Continue reading Student wrestlers share their experiences

Lack of walkout upsets SM community

At 10 a.m. on April 20, San Marin's campus was silent during a nationwide school walkout honoring the nineteenth anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting. Across town, Novato High School students rallied outside with handmade posters in favor of gun control, leaving many students at San Marin wondering why the anniversary was treated like… Continue reading Lack of walkout upsets SM community

Rodents irritate students and staff, interrupt classes

The rodent problem at San Marin has infested the lives of students and teachers. They come into classrooms and leave their droppings, making a mess for teachers to clean and disrupting the class. Principal Mark Sims said that the problem mostly comes from where the school is geographically located. The hills that surround the school… Continue reading Rodents irritate students and staff, interrupt classes