Go Guardian teacher tool purchased

A quick glance down a row of students in any class would show that students often indulge in unproductive activities such as watching Netflix, playing video games, or other non- academic activities that consume class time. In either late December or early January, San Marin will purchase and outsource a new teacher tool called GoGuardian.… Continue reading Go Guardian teacher tool purchased

Opinion: Schools should prioritize tech upgrades

Technology is, and has been, a big part of daily life for people in the 21st century. With so many people in the possession of devices that can access and effectively use the internet, we are undoubtedly in an age that is shaped by our technology. That fact applies to schools as well, and schools,… Continue reading Opinion: Schools should prioritize tech upgrades

New staff on campus introduce themselves

Ariel Beauhaire Speech and Language Beauhaire loves her job and working with as many students as she can to try to help them.  When Beauhaire was in high school, she played softball and loved art.  Before she came to San Marin, she taught in Santa Rosa and worked at Kaiser Permanente.   Jordan Merkin Pre-Calculus,… Continue reading New staff on campus introduce themselves