Opinion: Social media opens minds and opportunities

From capture the flag to Instagram, our generation is unique as we are the only one to have been raised with classic childhood games in elementary school and then transitioned to the influence of the Internet in middle and high school. Like so many others growing up in the social media age, I eagerly took… Continue reading Opinion: Social media opens minds and opportunities

History takes Aquino across the country

For freshman Izagani Aquino, history has always been a major interest. Growing up reading history books and having an uncle as a politician in the Philippines, Aquino has always found the past fascinating. Since his first competition in seventh grade at Sinaloa Middle School, Aquino has been actively involved in history bees. After having one of the top ten scores at Sinaloa, he competed and qualified… Continue reading History takes Aquino across the country

Opinion: Society downplays the impacts of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is subtle. It’s a very gray area and everyone has a different opinion as to when things cross over into harassment. It can be when someone in power makes you feel uncomfortable in order to get something you desire, a promotion for example. It can also be when you have inappropriate comments flung… Continue reading Opinion: Society downplays the impacts of sexual harassment

Foreign exchange program continues at San Marin

“Coaching is about doing your best to put people in the right places to be successful, so if you’re coaching a team, you’re trying to put people in a place where their strengths are always being enhanced,” new principal Dr. Mark Sims said. “The same thing works in teaching and learning -- trying to place… Continue reading Foreign exchange program continues at San Marin