Jack McDonald finishes first in racing championship

When freshman Jack McDonald’s stepfather first took him to the racetrack two years ago, he immediately wanted to be on the track. “I wasn’t scared; I wanted to race,” McDonald said. Since then, McDonald has acquired several racing awards including this year's championship title and Sportsman of the Year for 2018. McDonald, who is 15… Continue reading Jack McDonald finishes first in racing championship

New courses to be offered next school year

Course selection begins in February ever year with new options in graduation requirements or electives for students to choose from. The administration plans to offer four new courses for the upcoming school year. San Marin graduation requirements currently require seniors to take a semester of Economics and a semester of Government. The school considered extended… Continue reading New courses to be offered next school year

Drama teacher Linda Kislingbury to retire after 19 years

There are posters on every wall of the room and collages composed of color photos of girls in bright dresses and red stage-lipstick and boys in suits with slicked back hair. These posters are from the 89 plays that drama teacher Linda Kislingbury has directed in her almost 19 years at San Marin. Kislingbury will… Continue reading Drama teacher Linda Kislingbury to retire after 19 years

Changes underway for Saturday Academy

Saturday Academy will be more focused on student support this year. Like last year, administration hopes to provide a space for students to work with their teachers to make up missed work, gain confidence in skills they may have missed in class and take advantage of added opportunities. In its first year, Saturday Academy was… Continue reading Changes underway for Saturday Academy

English and drama teacher Denise Smith to retire

English and Drama teacher Denise Smith will be retiring after working for 15 years at San Marin. Smith always wanted to be a teacher, but first found herself in nursing after moving to California. “When I first moved to California I got this job working as a physical therapy aide and decided to go into… Continue reading English and drama teacher Denise Smith to retire

STEM students get ready for liftoff

San Marin’s senior STEM classes, taught by Mr. Claudio Tronconi, are working on building a RV-12 kitplane. The plane is made by Van’s Aircraft and sold in kits, hence the term kitplane. The STEM department has acquired the kit through a partnership with the Gnoss Field Community Association and the STEM Marin Fund. The project… Continue reading STEM students get ready for liftoff

Rally time extended to 45 minutes

San Marin’s rally schedule was changed to accommodate for an 8:00 a.m. start time and a 2:45 p.m. seventh-period dismissal this year. The new schedule includes 40-minute classes and a 45-minute rally slot, which is an extension from the previous schedule’s 30-minute rallies and 47-minute classes. The change accompanies NUSD’s decision to modify all high… Continue reading Rally time extended to 45 minutes