Art department introduces Sculpture and Ceramics

When art teacher Jennifer Norman noticed a kiln at school, she knew she had to make use of it. At first, Norman had only planned on integrating it into the curriculums of the preexisting art courses. Instead, a new class was born. Sculpture and Ceramics is a course that aims to utilize any sort of… Continue reading Art department introduces Sculpture and Ceramics

Club volunteers in relay to raise funds to fight cancer

The San Marin Interact Club attended the Relay for Life event held by the American Cancer Association, or the ACS, on Saturday, May 19. The ACS is devoted to finding a way to eradicate cancer and hosts fundraisers and awareness events, such as the Relay for Life, to fund their research. The Relay for Life… Continue reading Club volunteers in relay to raise funds to fight cancer

Stress puts strain on students’ lives

In response to difficulty, people are overrun by angst. Butterflies hasten from within, a sweat breaks out and speaking normally grows to become a difficult task. Unfortunately, stress has always been prominent, especially among teenagers. According to the American Psychological Association, an estimated 44 percent of Americans have reported an increase in their stress levels… Continue reading Stress puts strain on students’ lives

STEM garden planned for use as an outdoor classroom

The sun is shining bright as science teacher Dr. Michelle Lafevre-Bernt reaches over her beloved grandmother to pick the freshest tomato in her garden. Ever since she was young, Lafevre-Bernt has been intrigued with the outdoors. Starting four years ago, she began to utilize her gardening skills at San Marin to help launch a new… Continue reading STEM garden planned for use as an outdoor classroom