Students give back to the community during the pandemic

Under the current circumstances regarding COVID-19, many individuals have purchased N95 face masks. This specific mask filters out particulates within the air and is required by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for health care workers and first responders, according to the FDA. However, the urgency for the general public to take precautionary measures… Continue reading Students give back to the community during the pandemic

Gender wage gap among athletes remains controversial

Inconsistency in treatment between male and female athletes has been a trend within the athletic industry for decades. A 2018 study conducted by Women in Sport found that 40 percent of female athletes continuously experience prejudice while involved in the sports industry. However, one of the most significant aspects of gender discrimination in sports is… Continue reading Gender wage gap among athletes remains controversial

Opinion: Our society is blind to the racism that exists today

I often hear Marin compared to a protective bubble that traps its residents in a false, ‘perfect’ reality. I am guilty of falling victim to this lifestyle. It was never that I wanted to, or that I would rather keep the blinders on that prevented me from seeing what was truly happening around me. Instead,… Continue reading Opinion: Our society is blind to the racism that exists today

PTA recognizes winners of the Reflections contest

In November, seniors Nick Brandis and Kiara Ortiz and junior Jane Phillips won in the 2019-2020 annual Parent Teacher Association, or PTA, Reflections contest. The contest is open to students from elementary school to high school, and each division is judged individually. The available categories are dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and… Continue reading PTA recognizes winners of the Reflections contest

Community addresses presence of discrimination

In August, anti-Semitic flyers were posted throughout Novato, including on San Marin’s campus. This incident has compelled many individuals to reflect on their personal beliefs about the continuation of anti-Semitism, as well as the widespread growth of racism that can result in similar displays of discrimination. “Racism and anti-Semitism still very much exist, but they… Continue reading Community addresses presence of discrimination

Foreign exchange students reflect on their experiences

In August 2018, foreign exchange students Silvia Castellucci and Miguel Riederer began their year-long journey as students at San Marin. Castellucci is from Sarsina, Italy, a small village nestled in the province of ForlìCesena. She wanted to take this opportunity to travel more and to explore outside of her town, especially after hearing about the… Continue reading Foreign exchange students reflect on their experiences

Opinion: Standard educational practices hurt students

As a junior in high school, college has become something I hear discussed each day: touring nearby colleges, taking the SAT, researching schools. But this has also thrown me into a world that leads me to believe that should I fail a single test, I will not be successful later in my life. This stigma is extremely prevalent, but also extremely outdated and flawed, as… Continue reading Opinion: Standard educational practices hurt students

Students and staff reflect on racism awareness walkout

On April 4, junior Perla Rodriguez held a walkout after a student used racial slurs against one of their peers, telling them to “go back to Mexico.” Rodriguez wanted to use the walkout as a way to express her concerns and raise awareness about racism on campus. “I just hope San Marin as a whole begins to slowly but surely understand that the ethnic group is outnumbered, but… Continue reading Students and staff reflect on racism awareness walkout

Senior Raul Rodriguez fuels his passion for soccer

(Vivienne Tran) For ten years, Raul Rodriguez has fostered a strong passion for soccer. His teammates and coaches have emphasized that he plays with a positive attitude and unreserved effort, while also encouraging his teammates to keep their heads up as well. Beginning in 2007, he played recreational soccer for one year. Rodriguez then played… Continue reading Senior Raul Rodriguez fuels his passion for soccer

Opinion: Low self-esteem has become an epidemic

I never used to consider myself my own enemy. But now, I look in the mirror and can be nothing but critical. We have reached a point at which low self-confidence has poisoned the minds of too many teenagers, myself included. I’m guilty of scolding myself about how I’m not pretty enough, smart enough or athletic enough; the list could go on and on. Having been… Continue reading Opinion: Low self-esteem has become an epidemic