Mock Trial team reaches Marin County final

By Justine Beales & Elise Jonas-Delson The San Marin Mock Trial Team placed second at the Marin County Mock Trial Competition on Feb. 1, scoring within a margin of 0.78 percentage points below Tamalpais High School, the undefeated county champions of 26 years. Courtroom artist Natasha Linssen, who received an “outstanding performance” award for her… Continue reading Mock Trial team reaches Marin County final

New credit recovery program increases rigor for students

After utilizing the credit recovery program Apex for nearly ten years, the Novato Unified School District switched to Cyber High at the start of the 2019-20 school year. Credit recovery teacher Mark Whitburn estimates that 120 students are currently recovering credit at San Marin. Under the Apex system, NUSD did not receive enough licenses to… Continue reading New credit recovery program increases rigor for students

Kian Namiranian pursues chess success

Junior Kian Namiranian will compete in the 2020 National Open in Las Vegas, Nevada after placing high at multiple recent tournaments. Namiranian, who is president of the San Marin Chess Club and a member of the Novato Chess Club, placed third overall at his first tournament on December 7, securing a 4-1 record. At the… Continue reading Kian Namiranian pursues chess success

Opinion: College Board’s monopoly counteracts its purpose

After taking eight AP exams, the SAT, an SAT subject test, sending my scores to colleges, and creating a CSS Profile, I will have paid the College Board a total of $1,036.50, which is more than double the amount of money I will spend on submitting my college applications. Millions of students apply to college… Continue reading Opinion: College Board’s monopoly counteracts its purpose

New superintendent sets priorities

When Superintendent Kris Cosca walked into his first teaching job in an impoverished community, he realized that his students required more from him than a lesson plan.  “Those students needed to trust me,” Cosca said. “They needed to respect me. They needed to know that I cared for them. And until they knew those things,… Continue reading New superintendent sets priorities

Spanish teacher Marcelyn Smith set to retire this year

After years of creating stories, singing songs and exploring the Spanish language with generations of students, Spanish teacher Marcelyn Smith will conclude her 25year teaching career. Smith earned her teaching credential at Brigham Young University, but she did not originally intend to become a teacher, instead beginning her college education as an art major and… Continue reading Spanish teacher Marcelyn Smith set to retire this year

Trisha Panganiban pursues passions through challenges

Senior Trisha Panganiban has been overcoming challenges her whole life. “It started with my parents not being the support system I needed them to be from an early age,” Panganiban said. “Ever since I can remember, I was already looking out for myself, because I kind of expected my parents not to. And back then,… Continue reading Trisha Panganiban pursues passions through challenges

Staff highlight the importance of Special Education

The walls are plastered with educational posters, the whiteboard sparsely covered in colorful scrawl, and the tables arranged into a rectangular formation. The classroom is quiet except for the periodic whispers amongst students and the occasional shuffling of papers. These students are enrolled in the Special Education program and are among the 103 San Marin… Continue reading Staff highlight the importance of Special Education

Opinion: We must fight climate change

The year is 2030 and you can bid farewell to 99 percent of Earth’s coral reefs, any chance of buying chocolate and a vacation to your favorite coastal destination. You can also say goodbye to the prospect of saving the planet from the perils of climate change. Enter the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest… Continue reading Opinion: We must fight climate change