Freshman Keeley Wright makes varsity girls basketball

Although she is just 5’4’’, Keeley Wright stands tall as a freshman on the Girls Varsity Basketball Team.  “Basketball was really fun even though I didn’t really know how to play when I started,” Wright said.  She started playing while in the second grade but as she’s gotten older, she’s become more serious about basketball.… Continue reading Freshman Keeley Wright makes varsity girls basketball

Opinion: Growing up has caused us to lose our Christmas spirit

I’ve always loved Christmas but now, it’s different. Each year, there’s a little less joy and magic. Normally, the first sight of red and green lights on a neighbor’s house would automatically bring a smile to my face. But now those lights aren’t as twinkly and bright. So, is it Christmas that’s changed or is… Continue reading Opinion: Growing up has caused us to lose our Christmas spirit

Lack of student parking

 Through fall of 2020, construction for the new STEM building and performing arts center will limit parking availability for students. The side parking lot, next to the science building, has been designated exclusively to staff, and the only available student parking lot is near the football field. Juniors and some seniors are unhappy with not… Continue reading Lack of student parking

New classroom guidelines

At the start of the 2018- 19 school year, the San Marin administration unveiled new “community commitments” and rules for enforcing them. Among these are a schoolwide use of phone caddies and “walk passes.” The four community commitments, drafted last year by a committee of students, teachers, parents and administrators, emphasize keeping students on task… Continue reading New classroom guidelines