Love is in the air and in the teacher’s lounge

Valentine’s Day has passed, but love is still in the air. These teacher couples share their thoughts and feelings on what it’s like to be a married couple working at the same school.

Mr. & Mrs. Davis

Courtesy of the Davis’
Devaki Narayan

Dennis Davis, the College and Career Readiness Teacher, and Sara Davis, an Algebra 1 teacher, have been married for 16 years. The two have been teaching on the same staff at San Marin since 2014.

“I had just graduated high school when we met in June of 2004 at his aunt’s house for a college church group,” Mrs. Davis said. “Our first date was at the fair around the end of July or the beginning of August.”

Mr. and Mrs. Davis did not always work together at San Marin. The two decided to work together on the same staff due to similar interests and convenience.

“I was working at Analy, Mr. Davis was working here, and we both really want to be invested in the school,” Mrs. Davis said. “We want to go to sporting events, and work with the same group of students. When we were going to separate sporting events, it was taking up a lot of our time… We realized that it would be fun to work together in the same environment, we would be invested in the same group of students, and that we would be able to work around the same time schedule.”

They also spend time together during lunch, and talk about their schedule for the day. The Davis’ take this time to be together and discuss topics unrelated to work.

“We eat lunch together almost everyday, we check in during breaks or our prep periods and have a meeting to check in on each other and family stuff,” Mrs. Davis said. “For example, if we need to pick up one of our kids from school or sports practice.”

They also enjoy spending time together on campus while going to sports events and watching the school musicals.

Mr. & Mrs. Boyd

Devaki Narayan
Courtesy of the Boyds

Cory Boyd, Health teacher, and Gillian Boyd, Biology and Biotechnology teacher, have been married for nine years. Mrs. Boyd has only started teaching at San Marin this year, so this is the first year they have been teaching at the same school.

“We had a mutual acquaintance who we both knew through Crossfit set us up to start talking to each other,” Mr. Boyd said. “We were not living in the same area so we became friends on Facebook and started talking on Facebook chat, and then on the phone. We finally went on our first date when I came to visit him for the first time.”

The Boyds teach a similar student demographic, which they find helpful in the case of certain students who may need extra support.

“We’ll sometimes talk about students that we think need some extra support, and we’ll discuss that if we need to,” Mrs. Boyd said.

They see each other often around campus and frequently eat lunch together. They also shared that they call each other during their prep period to discuss subjects other than work.

“I usually eat lunch with Mrs. Boyd in Mrs. Davis’s class or in the STEM break room,” Mr. Boyd said. “We call each other since we have the same prep period, and discuss who is picking up which kid.”

Along with spending time with each other during lunch and breaks, the Boyds enjoy being together at after school events. “We bring our kids to a lot of sporting events. They love it, and we chaperoned the Homecoming dance,” Mrs. Boyd said.

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