Recapping sports this spring

       This season every sport occurred during Spring. All games were played against teams bordering Marin County, nothing beyond that. Every game was off record due to the shorter and unofficial season.

Courtesy of Krystie Nettleman
Sophomore Colin Eilerman prepares for a race against Terra Linda.

The San Marin Swim team uses Novato High School as our home pool and holds meets there against other schools. The swim team competed in seven meets. Varsity Swim coach Michelle Lemieux said sophomore Colin Eilerman is an exceptional swimmer with a wide range. 

“I felt that I performed as well as I could have expected. I won some and lost some, but I improved a good amount and I think I’m set up for a great junior season,” Eilerman said.

Courtesy of Krystie Nettleman
Varsity Girls’ Tennis team at home court.

The Girls’ Tennis season started on March 1st. Of their eight matches, five of them were on San Marin home court. 

“For me the whole team stood out, especially since they were so committed,” Girls’ Tennis coach Brian Kaplan said. “Most girls rarely missed practice, showed up at every game possible and stayed to the very end of everyone’s match.”

Courtesy of Krystie Nettleman
Varsity football player Justin Guin running with the ball against Terra Linda.

Each player was permitted four guests. Varsity football had six games, only two of those were away games. Coach Cory Boyd said junior Justin Guin is a talented and dedicated player.

“Ever since I started football at 8 or 9, I have wanted to play past high school,” Guin said. “It’s always been a goal of mine to earn a D1 scholarship offer and hopefully go pro after college.”

Courtesy of Krystie Nettleman
Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse in a huddle cheering.

The Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse season started on March 15th. Lacrosse had two scrimmages before their twelve league games.

“The two team captains are senior Lauren Houlahan and junior Kayla Carpenter, they really do meet the team, they’re excellent,” Co-Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse coach Chris Ramser said. “We couldn’t do what we do without them.”

Courtesy of Krystie Nettleman
Varsity Boys’ Volleyball playing against Redwood at home court.

The Boys’ Volleyball season started on April 12th. There was a shortage of referees available for games since girls’ volleyball was at the same time, so each game only had one down referee instead of the usual elevated and on the court referees. They had eight games total, six of those being home games.

Courtesy of Krystie Nettleman
Jakayla Mckee sprinting against Branson in the 100 meter race.

Instead of giving the normal four weeks of training and practice before their first meet, this year track and field was given two weeks. They started their season by winning their first two meets at home. “Sophomore Jakayla is a very naturally talented runner, she has lots of potential and is one of the best on our team,” Track and Field coach Art Marthinsen said.

Courtesy of Krystie Nettleman
Varsity Boys’ Basketball in a COVID safe huddle discussing strategy.

The Boys’ Basketball season started on April 19th. In order to get in practice time daily they had a few occasional early morning practices before school would start.

Courtesy of Krystie Nettleman
Varsity Girls’ Softball team in a huddle after an inning at home field.

In total they had fifteen games, ten of those being home games.

“I’m very happy with the way the team is performing. We didn’t have our usual month of preparation, but the team has adapted really well. We’ve been making adjustments and looking for ways to improve week to week which has been awesome,” Softball coach Liz Hartmann said.

Courtesy of Krystie Nettleman
(Fr. Left) Lucy Mogan and Sean Burke.

Seniors Lucy Mogan and Sean Burke were recognized in the Marin IJ and awarded Outstanding Student Athletes of the year for their performance in Softball and Baseball as well as their academic excellence. Burke is committed to UCSB and doesn’t plan on playing baseball there. Mogan is also committed to UCSB and will be playing softball there.

Not all sports have completed their spring season, more sports will be included in this recap once they do finish their season.

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