Craig Pitti’s 3 Point Challenge

San Marin is currently ranked fourth in the country for total funds raised in this year’s fundraising project for Pitti’s 3-Point challenge. As of February 8, the team had raised nearly $3,000.

Pitti’s 3-Point Challenge was created by San Marin High School Interact Club in 2017, and the money raised during this year’s fundraiser was donated to the American Cancer Society.

“This year, we tried to keep the fundraiser going and honor the great impacts Craig Pitti had on Novato,” Interact Club Co-President Elizabeth Meehan said.

For every 3-point shot the varsity boys basketball team made against any other NCS or MCAL team, the people who pledged to donate money gave various amounts depending on how many 3-point shots the basketball team made. The more three-point shots made, the more money went to the American Cancer Society.

Craig Pitti served as the varsity boys basketball coach for eleven seasons and passed away in 2017 after being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.

“Pitti’s attitude and joking personality were the reasons why so many people, players, students, and staff loved him so much,” varsity boys basketball player Nick Lamerdin said. “That was why it was so hard to see him pass because of the amount of lives he touched which showed how important he was to our school and community.”

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