Lights, camera, action: STEM students create physics films

On November 14, freshmen enrolled in the STEM program showcased 18 short films at the STEM Marin Film Festival, held in the Emily Gates Student Center. The films, each spanning approximately two to three minutes, explained the physics behind motions in sports and how athletes can use this information to gain a competitive advantage.

One film, The Physics of Sprinting, produced by freshmen Heston Wilson, Sarah Ng and Maddie Cinelli, described how a sprinter can use the forces of velocity, impact and the angle of takeoff to sprint faster and more efficiently.

STEM teacher and science department chair Nick Williams said the goal of the project was to continue San Marin’s history of athletic excellence. The students collaborated to better their own understanding of physics while also helping athletes succeed.

Before the students’ work was shown to their families, friends and the community, the filmmakers received the opportunity to walk down a “red carpet” located outside the student center. The students behind each of the films were briefly interviewed by Williams while on the carpet.

Freshman Madison Brand said her favorite part of the project was working together with her group to film and putting the clips together to produce the end result.

“I learned a lot about physics and how it works using angles, force, mass, weight and distance and how that all comes together in science,” said parent attendee Rose Lofrano.


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