Fall Musical: The Addams Family


San Marin’s music department is being pulled in a new direction as they take on this spooky and comical adaptation of the upcoming fall musical, The Addams Family, which opens on October 24th. Set in a twisted world, the iconic characters of the Addams family face many challenges. Wednesday Addams, the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams, falls in love with the sweet boy next door character, Lucas Beineke, played by freshman Daniel Ford. The family conquers struggles involving change, growing up, and young love. Junior Brigid O’Brien and sophomore Lauren Hartley play the female lead, Wednesday. Seniors Lauren Cione and Lauren Whyte play the role of Morticia Addams, and sophomore Eliam Weinstock plays Gomez Addams. Throughout the musical, the family develops an acceptance to the normal world through song and dance.

“Throughout the show, Wednesday faces the challenge of striking a balance between normal and abnormal,” said O’Brien. “When Wednesday meets Lucas, her dark personality is altered and more light is let into her life.”

In addition to this process of the actors connecting to their character and getting comfortable with it, struggles and hardships are a common occurrence when putting together a show. The students hope to get valuable knowledge and insight out of it that will benefit them with future shows and other opportunities.

“This musical is so clever and so well written. Everyone performing is full of potential that has yet to be realized, and pulling that out of them is going to be one of the big victories of this whole rehearsal process,” said senior Ray Harris, who plays Uncle Fester.

However, challenges aren’t only faced by the actors. Other contributors to the musical such as tech crew and orchestra also face struggles within rehearsing and performing.

“It’s really challenging playing broadway music, but you develop as an orchestra member and you create a strong connection with the people you’re working with,” said sophomore Kelsey McIvor, bass player of the pit orchestra for the show.

This musical’s plot highlights the challenges of growing and developing as a person, a process that Wednesday Addams follows throughout the show.

“Wednesday’s odd family notices a distinct change in her behavior, creating the challenge of having to learn to accept herself and her family for who they truly are.” said O’Brien.

When Wednesday invites her love interest Lucas and his family over for dinner, relationships are torn, families are put to the test, and vows are damaged.

San Marin’s music director, Alison McIvor, describes this musical as, “A perfect October show that will appeal to all ages.”

Performances run from October 24th to the 27th in the Emily Gates Student Center. Tickets will be available at the door before the shows begin.

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